Take care of the flowers in this monsoon.

It is better to give a different fertilizer every month for plant care. I want sun for the plant for at least one day. You can keep it on the roof. A sunny balcony is not bad either.

Nature is green and fresh in the monsoon. Belly, jasmine, togar, dolanchanpa, kamini and spider lily bloom in monsoons. The list also includes fragrant gandharaj and rajnigandha. Kathgolap, Aparajita, Dopati, Nayantara, Jawaba are monsoon flowers. Aquatic flowers also bloom in monsoons. Kadam and Bakul are also two great flowers of this season. You can easily decorate the house with these fragrant flowers. Liveliness will come inside. It will look different. Just as you can keep a few flowers in a vase or bottle, you can also hang a flower garland in a corner of the room. You can also keep flowers on the office desk. Flowers or flower garlands are also great accessories for rainy days. You can also hang flower garlands on the handle of the bag.

Flower care:
You can also keep these flower plants at home. A different dimension will be added to the home garden. Deputy Assistant Horticultural Officer of Falbithi Horticulture Center said, the rules of care of these trees.

• Mix equal amounts of loam or sandy-loam soil and rotted cow dung. This soil is suitable for these plants.

• Be careful when planting, so that the roots do not move. Special care should be taken when planting from cuttings.

• These plants need at least one day of sun. You can keep it on the roof. A sunny balcony is not bad either. But it is better to keep the tree in the roof, i.e. in full sun for the first week after planting. After a week it can be kept on the balcony. But if you don’t get a lot of suns there, you should leave it on the roof for a whole day once a week.

• Fertilizer should be applied once every month from one month onwards. At this time, you can apply water, organic manure, or vermicompost soaked in water. If you want to use chemical fertilizers, choose TSP (Triple Super Phosphate) fertilizers. 1 teaspoon of TSPE is sufficient for a large or medium plant. Reduce the amount for smaller plants. However, it is better to give different fertilizers every month for plant care. Turn it around so you can apply it all over.

• As an alternative to fertilizer, a plant growth regulator can be sprayed on the leaves every one and a half to two months.

• It is best to spray the leaves with insecticide once a month.

• Do not allow water to accumulate at the base of the plant.

• Change the water in the vase every three days.

• Avoid using chemical fertilizers and insecticide sprays if you have children and pets at home.

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