Sleep will be better if the bed-pillow is good.

Night sleep is very important to get rid of the tiredness of the whole day and start a new day fresh. However, if the sleep arrangement is wrong, it can cause problems like back pain or neck pain. The bed comes first in the arrangement of sleep. Beds can be made of various materials – mattresses, mattresses, and foam. Which of these is healthier? The size and height of the pillow are also important. You should also know the correct sleeping posture.

Bed pillows should be such that sleep is comfortable. So you can’t sleep on a fluffy soft bed, but you should sleep on a hard and even bed. A firm bed ensures the natural curvature of the body. The bed cannot be given even by body weight. I want ideal bed pillows for sleep. Otherwise, there is a risk of neck, back, and waist pain. The former head of the physical medicine and rehabilitation department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Professor Soheli Rahman, gave various suggestions about healthy sleep.

Like wanting a bed:

• No part of the bed should give way after sleeping. The waist, back, and neck should be in the same line while lying down.

• It is better to use a simul cotton mattress.

• Jajim and Toshak cannot be used simultaneously. Choose either Toshak or Jajim. However, it is difficult to use only one accessory in a box bed. In that case, fill the inner part of the box bed first by spreading jajim. Lay a hardboard over it. A five-inch high mattress should be spread over it.

• Can also sleep on a mattress. But choose a good quality mattress.


• Choose a pillow that supports the natural curve of the neck. The Shimul cotton pillow is good.

• It is better not to use smaller pillows than necessary (eg sofa cushions).

• If you sleep on one side of the pillow, you can use the other side. It is better to change the direction and use the pillow.

• The height of the pillow should also be 5 inches. Thin pillows are not good, the practice of using multiple pillows should also be avoided.

I want comfort:

• A bed should be chosen, which has a comfortable place to sleep with arms and legs spread apart; So that you can sleep on your side as needed. That is, sleep should be comfortable. It is better not to sleep together with many people. Children and teenagers should also be provided separate beds after a certain age.

• It is better to sleep on the side.

• Sleep upright, not slouched. Take care of this even if you take a coal pillow.

• After waking up, sit up with the weight of the elbows, so that there is no pressure on the waist. Now sit comfortably and take a long breath and exhale 5-10 times. Do not jump down at once, it can strain the waist.


• Avoid sleeping on foam beds or couches.

• Air beds and pillows are not good.

• Avoid sleeping on the floor, especially for obese people. Getting up from a lying position on the floor can put pressure on the back.

• Do not sleep upset if you have snoring, breathing problems during sleep, or heartburn.

when to change:

• The area of the bed where one sleeps can be given slowly. There are holes in the beds. Regardless of the type of bedding used, replace it every two to three years. If any side of the bed is sagged, or pitted, or if any part of the bed gives out after sleeping, it may need to be replaced before two years.

• Pillows should be replaced every one to two years.

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