Some tips for hair care before sleep.

Our body rests during sleep. Many of us have the habit of washing our faces and applying cream before going to sleep. However, hair care is left out. But to stop hair fall, it is important to take care of your hair before sleep for healthy and shiny hair. Before going to sleep, you should allocate some time for hair care. Let’s see some hair care tips before going to bed at night-

Do not sleep on unclean hair:
If your hair is very dirty, try to shampoo your hair in the evening or at night. Just like the accumulation of dust on the face or body will cause rashes or acne, your scalp will be damaged in the same way. So shampoo. And if you don’t shampoo, you can massage the scalp with warm oil. It will nourish the head throughout the night. Get up in the morning and shampoo.

Do not sleep with a wet head:
Dry your hair and head well before going to sleep. Can be dried with a hair dryer. But it is better to dry naturally. Use a dryer only after squeezing the excess water with a soft towel or cotton towel.

Comb your hair and sleep:
Comb thoroughly dry hair from the roots to the head with a comb. Then use a brush. This will spread the oil from the scalp to the ends of the hair.

Do not sleep with open hair:
There is a possibility of hair damage due to pillow rubbing. So tie your hair and sleep. If your hair is prone to breakage, tie it with a silk band. You can do high, straight, and loose braids. Those with short hair can use a silk scarf to prevent split ends.

Selection of pillow covers is essential:
Choosing the right pillow cover is important for those with hair fall problems. Rubbing cotton cloth damages the hair. So you can use a silk cover to sleep at night. If you find it difficult to make a separate cover with silk or satin cloth, you can cover the pillow with a scarf and sleep.

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