How to start a new day without fatigue.

Every morning is a new morning. And morning means a fresh feeling. It is a perfect time to do all the work in a cheerful mood. However, when the morning ends, the freshness of the body and mind gradually decreases. Fatigue and lack of motivation to work. Research shows that exercise is enough to eliminate this problem. A little exercise in the morning can refresh the mind and body for the whole day. Now that it is winter, there is cold wind and fog outside in the morning. Many people are now unable to go out to exercise to avoid colds. It can cause various problems including weight gain.

Some home exercises are very beneficial to stay healthy. Let’s know about home exercises to stay fresh throughout the day —

Butterfly Method Exercise:
Both legs should be slightly folded while lying down. One hand will be on the chest and one hand on the stomach. Breathe hard. It will improve blood circulation in the lungs and brain. This method should be done 10 times.

Plank Exercise:
This exercise will speed up the work. It is very effective for the stomach, waist, and shoulders. Lie on your back and keep your body slightly above the floor by resting on your arms. The feet will be on the floor. And the head will be down. Stay like this for 20 seconds. Breathing will be normal. Exercise in this manner 3 times in a row with rest for 30 seconds.

Exercise in Happy Baby Style:
Exercising in this way will strengthen the leg and waist muscles. Lie straight and lift your legs. The waste will remain on the floor. Hold the ankle with both hands. In this way, 5 to 10 times should be done slowly.

Half Bridge Exercise:
This type of exercise strengthens the muscles of the body. The waist should be kept above the floor. The knees will be bent. And hands will be on the floor. Breathing will be normal. After staying like this for 30 seconds, rest for a while and do the same exercise again. This exercise should be done 3 times a day.

Leg lift exercise:
Leg lift exercises are very useful for increasing leg and waist performance and blood circulation. Lie straight and slowly lift one leg. The other leg will be straight on the floor. After 30 seconds, lift the other leg up again. This method of lifting one leg is called leg lift. Hands should be kept on the floor. Do this exercise 10 times a day.

Neck and Shoulder Exercises:
People who work on computers for a long time often suffer from neck and shoulder pain. This exercise is very beneficial for them. It is best to do this exercise sitting on a chair. First, fold the left hand slightly above the head and hold the neck with the right hand.

Second, fold both hands above the head and touch the elbow of the other hand with one hand. Then hold the elbow with one hand and touch the back shoulder with the other hand. Exercise should be done 3 times in each method.

What to do after exercise:
Do not suddenly start another activity after the exercise is over. Shavasana should rest for a while. Lie comfortably on the bed and inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Rest for at least 5 minutes and then resume. Exercise is good for everyone. However, if there is any physical problem, exercise must be done with the doctor’s advice.

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