Jimmy Fallon Got Surprised Twice by Madonna at the Met Gala

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Jimmy Fallon recapped his night at the Met Gala in New York, where he clowned with his late-night rival Stephen Colbert on the red carpet before heading in. The event was themed “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” and it featured a performance from the most biblical pop star of them all: Madonna.

Fallon said he had a suspicion she would sing, but his hopes were dashed when she showed up next to him in the audience. (When he complimented her outfit, her reply was: “Bless you.”)

But then Madonna reappeared in dramatic fashion just a few minutes later atop a flight of stairs, where she emerged from under the hood of a monastic robe to sing “Like a Prayer.”

Trevor Noah did a segment on the swift fall from grace of Eric Schneiderman, New York’s former attorney general. Schneiderman stepped down on Monday night just hours after The New Yorker published allegations by women that he had physically and verbally abused them.

Noah pointed out that one of the article’s authors was Ronan Farrow, who had been Monday evening’s guest on “The Daily Show.”

The correspondent Dulcé Sloan noted that Schneiderman had long advocated laws cracking down on domestic abusers.

James Corden said he doesn’t feel especially comfortable with Facebook’s plans to establish a dating service for its users.

Conan O’Brien got interrupted by a forgotten talk-show host who won’t go away.

James Corden’s bar-tricks competition got off to just about the most bizarre start possible. From there, it stayed pretty bizarre.

Michelle Wolf, who stirred controversy last month with her speech at the White House correspondents’ dinner, will sit down with Seth Meyers on Wednesday. Wolf worked for Meyers on “Late Night” just a few years ago.

The tragic surrealism of Childish Gambino’s heavily political video for “This Is America,” his new single, has ignited a nuanced conversation. Here’s a rundown of what’s being said about the work, which one writer called “a true picture of America.”


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